DevFest Approacheth!

27 Jan 2014

The DevFest Logo

It’s that time of the year — DevFest is fast approaching!!

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few years, DevFest is ADI’s biggest and most important event of the year. At ADI, we find it really important to create a community of builders and teach people who aren’t builders to not be afraid to try. Thus, DevFest was born in 2011.

What does “DevFest” even mean? We don’t really know (we tried looking in a dictionary too, but it’s not there). Like with most other things, we took a few creative liberties and made DevFest up. We do, however, know that DevFest will be a lot of fun. It’s a weeklong event for anyone who’s in a programming class but hasn’t built a web app before. But more than that, it’s like a hackathon++ that’s suitable for everyone—in addition to hacking, there will be workshops, beautiful individuals from ADI to look to for help, free swag, and lots of free food (emphasis on food).

Now that you’re thoroughly excited, clear your calendars from Feb. 1-8 and get ready to learn, build and demo. Register at devfe.st and on Facebook to join the 500+ other cool kids in this amazing experience. We hope to see you there!!!