Flask and Friends

03 Feb 2014

It was a snowy day in Morningside Heights yesterday but everyone at DevFest stayed warm with Hunan Chen’s in their bellies and free Venmo swag on their backs!

A brief summary in pictures:

Dan looking at food

group of three


During yesterday’s workshop, superman Dan introduced Flask to hackers of all levels.

Speaking of hackers of all levels, here are blurbs written by some friendly faces we saw at the workshop. We’re hoping to introduce you to other DevFest-ers so you can find them to hack together or just to say hi.

Hey, my name is Hank Shorb, and I’m a sophomore in SEAS studying applied math. I first got introduced to computer science at the beginning of my freshman year here and became interested immediately. Unfortunately, I’ve only gotten the chance to take one compsci course since getting here, and I would really like to learn more. I’m hoping DevFest will allow me to expand my knowledge of computer science and get me to the point where I can create a piece of code that functions in the real world as opposed to only inside of a homework submission.

My name is Sagar Shah and I am a first year MBA student at Columbia Business School. As a former electrical engineering undergrad looking to rejuvinate his programming skills, I have found DevFest to be quite useful. The hope is to take these skills and launch one of several ventures I have in the works. It would also be great to increase collaboration between the business school and the engineering school to help match ventures with the right talent.

My name is Gracie Gilbert, I am a sophomore in CC and plan to major in CS. After this semester I will have finished all but one class of the core CS classes but I still don’t really feel like I know much about building web apps or even things that are useful on a day to day basis, which is why I decided to do DevFest this year. Hopefully I get a lot better at Python as well.

More posts with more friendly faces will appear soon! Don’t forget to check the website for updates and we hope to see you at Intro to APIs!