Oh my APIs!

04 Feb 2014

Yesterday was the fourth day of DevFest and we had such a great time introducing you all to APIs. Shoutout to Bloomberg for sponsoring us, providing us with free swag and volunteering to TA!



As promised, we have more interviews with wide-eyed DevFest-ers to share with you all. Thankfully, they were all sweet and sane people:

My name is Lance Legel, and I’m a masters student in CS. At DevFest we have a team of five masters students, all CS, and we also have an undergraduate who’s just getting involved. Two of us are working on the UI. I’ve never done any web or Javascript before in my life. It’s a true hack; we’re just going with the flow. What we do know are some really advanced analytics, so we’ve hacked into Wikipedia right now and we’re just building this amazing user interface to try to give a unique education experience that recommends what articles might be interesting. I’m really excited about the user interface. We’re basically going to have lots of fun — we love the food, we’re very grateful — we love the energy and we enjoy meeting people. DevFest just represents a great synergy of vision and talent and fun. It’s really cool stuff.

I’m Miranda Li. My experience with computer science started in high school. I’m only a freshman in CC so I took Intro to Comp Sci and I’m taking Data Structures right now. I haven’t been to a hackathon before and so I really wanted to make something even if it’s only to start and see what I can do in such a short span of time. I want to get better at useful, practical computer science and I think DevFest will really help me. I went to the Python workshop on Saturday and I thought it was really helpful. With the online tutorials, I could follow along and learn it myself. I have no idea what I want to develop yet. Kanika and I are still deciding!

Hi, I’m Kanika Verma and I’m also a freshman in CC. I did AP Comp Sci my senior year of high school and I took 1004 last semester. I’m doing Data Structures this semester. I just wanted to get more experience doing computer science outside of class, which I haven’t really done a lot of before. Like Miranda said, I wanted to do my first hackathon. I really appreciate the workshops and things that are aimed at beginnners. It’s kind of overwhelming at first to get started on this sort of stuff so I really appreciate that it’s friendly for someone who doesn’t know that much. At DevFest we’re just trying to make something simple and useful.

Another notable quote was “We love ADI because you feed us knowledge,” which was said to Dina by some unidentified DevFest-er. If you would like to claim that quote please let us identify you so we can give you a massive hug.