DevFest Hath Concludeth

08 Feb 2014

And what a week it’s been!

After quite a few amazing tech companies demo-ed their APIs on Friday evening, the hackathon part of DevFest began (cue gong here). Dinner was consumed…

leaning tower of pizza

… and the hacking began! Shoutout to all the ADI sandwich makers who provided happiness to everyone at midnight.

sandwiches being made

At noon Saturday, the caffeinated (thanks Red Bull and 5-hour Energy!) hackers piled into Havemeyer 309 to demo their last 16 hours’ worth of sweat and tears. Hacks included everything from finding free study space at Columbia to playing a variably fierce Beyonce song on any phone. The winners after demo-ing are:

1st prize: Planmyny (Matthew Piccollela)

2nd prize: Codecoach (Sid Shanker)

3rd prize: Pixxel (Martin Li, Alex Dong, Andrew Kiluk, Michelle Lee)

Best Use of Twilio API: Linger (Andre-Jacques de Beer, Julie Chien, Emily Pakulski, William Falk-Wallace, Jusan Ng, Henrique Maia, Emily Lemonier)

Best Use of Google APIs: Who Tweeted It (Dan Schlosser, Ben Edelstein, Evan Tarrh)

Best Use of Sendgrid API: Party Bot (Alfred Tan, Alex Papathomas, Tommy Inouye)

Best App Built Using Mashery API Network: Planmyny (Matthew Piccollela)

The App That Makes Life So Easy: When Can’t I Meet (Robert Ying, Aditya Majumdar, Xingzhou He, Justin Zhao, Parthiban Loganathan)

Most Technically Challenging: Visiwiki (Lance Legel)

Most Useful Hack for Small Businesses: Barnstormer (Gilad Penn, Mimoun Cadosch)

Best Financial App: Randamazon (Johan Mena)

Best Use of Digital Ocean API: Where Should I Eat (Obed Espina)

Judge’s prize for creativity: Mechanical Poet (Mark Gorenstein)

We know that for many of you, DevFest was your first hackathon; we cannot be more grateful to have shared this crazy adventure with you. If you still love ADI despite having spent so much time this past week with us, we’ll see you at our workshops, tech talks and Cookies and Code next week!