Cookies and Code ft. Euler

13 Feb 2014

Even though DevFest has ended, there are still so many more ADI events for us to look forward to! Just these past few days, we held an Infinio tech talk on Monday, a Vim workshop on Tuesday, and Cookies and Code as per usual on Wednesday.

cookies and code

With the success of DevFest, ADI is now moving on to bigger and better things. We’re revamping Cookies and Code to create an environment that fosters cool projects or a different focus every week. This week, in addition to being a relaxing place to eat and chat, Cookies and Code also served as a collaborative space for the Euler Friends, a group of blooming mathematicians and computer scientists interested in solving challenging puzzles from Project Euler.net.

euler friends

If you’re interested, here’s a problem that they were working on:

For any given number, if it is even, you divide it by 2. If the number is odd, you multiply by 3 and add 1. It’s conjectured that every number, after a certain number of iterations, will go to 1. Write a program or a mathematical solution that will find the number with the largest chain (the most amount of steps) between one and a million.

Happy coding!!