ADI Wins the Robert D. Lilley Award for Socially Responsible Engineering

23 Apr 2014

In Fall semester of 2013, ADI launched an education program in which members went to Isaac Newton Middle School in East Harlem every week to teach the students basic programming through game design.

This past week, our efforts for this education initiative were acknowledged at the Kings Crown Leadership and Excellence Awards Ceremony when we won the Robert D. Lilley Award for Socially Responsible Engineering!

According to the Columbia Student Affairs webpage, the Lilley Award is “awarded annually to support the activities of student clubs that have as their primary focus socially responsible engineering, which may include engineering projects in the developing world or in economically and/or socially disadvantaged regions of the United States, campus education efforts that focus on the connection between engineering innovation and betterment of the human condition, and student research projects specifically directed toward socially-responsible engineering practices and solutions in the modern world.”

The recipient is selected by the Dean of SEAS and includes “monetary support.” (yay us!) But more importantly, the award reminds us of our organization’s emphasis on education. As committee member Dina Lamdany put it, “It’s really in line with our mission of education and inclusion and I’m so glad we do this stuff, since other humans not at Columbia matter too.”

ADI heads to Isaac Newton Middle School every Wednesday at 3pm. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please email Jett Andersen (jett@adicu.com)!