Learning to Hack with Frndz

20 Apr 2014

Each week at Cookies and Code, students split up into small groups to explore areas of technology that catch their fancy. This week, one such group was the sensationally titled “Hacking and Frndz” (so called because “hacking” is a more exciting term than “security” and because real hackers hate vowels).... Read more

Jared Browarnik Cofounds TheTake

29 Mar 2014

In January 2013, while the rest of the student body was on Winter Break, Jared Browarnik, SEAS’16, attended a 5-day intensive startup entrepreneurship class held by entrepreneurship guru Steve Blank. There, he met Tyler Cooper, a student in the Executive MBA program at Columbia. When the class began to make... Read more

We Love Our Alumni

05 Mar 2014

On February 28, we held the second ADI alumni dinner of the school year. Our alumni graciously took time out of their busy lives to socialize and eat with us youngins, and we can’t be grateful enough that they did! It really was a wonderful night of good food and... Read more

Cookies and Code ft. Euler

13 Feb 2014

Even though DevFest has ended, there are still so many more ADI events for us to look forward to! Just these past few days, we held an Infinio tech talk on Monday, a Vim workshop on Tuesday, and Cookies and Code as per usual on Wednesday. With the success of... Read more

DevFest Hath Concludeth

08 Feb 2014

And what a week it’s been! After quite a few amazing tech companies demo-ed their APIs on Friday evening, the hackathon part of DevFest began (cue gong here). Dinner was consumed… … and the hacking began! Shoutout to all the ADI sandwich makers who provided happiness to everyone at midnight.... Read more

Oh my APIs!

04 Feb 2014

Yesterday was the fourth day of DevFest and we had such a great time introducing you all to APIs. Shoutout to Bloomberg for sponsoring us, providing us with free swag and volunteering to TA! As promised, we have more interviews with wide-eyed DevFest-ers to share with you all. Thankfully, they... Read more

Flask and Friends

03 Feb 2014

It was a snowy day in Morningside Heights yesterday but everyone at DevFest stayed warm with Hunan Chen’s in their bellies and free Venmo swag on their backs! A brief summary in pictures: During yesterday’s workshop, superman Dan introduced Flask to hackers of all levels. Speaking of hackers of all... Read more

DevFest Approacheth!

27 Jan 2014

It’s that time of the year — DevFest is fast approaching!! For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few years, DevFest is ADI’s biggest and most important event of the year. At ADI, we find it really important to create a community of... Read more