ADI Resources Page

There are tons of different technologies out there, each of which has its own tutorials, documentation, and community (good or bad). ADI has done the hard work of tracking down the best resources, summarizing each technology, and identify critical concepts based on goal so that the only thing standing between you and the implementation of your idea is a little bit of learning and hard work.

How To Use This Website

Technology is really intimidating at first, but don't fear! We're here to guide you through. Figure out what your goal is (see the "paths" section) and look at all of the technologies listed under the path. Read the descriptions and check out the resources that sound most appealing. If you're having trouble or want to show something off, come to Cookies and Code on Wednesdays 10pm-12am in Lerner 569. You can also email us if you want help with anything on this page, it doesn't include your personal goals, or you have any suggestions.

That said, we can't teach you everything. You have to go out on your own to learn a lot of these things. This site is intended as a springboard for you to take the first steps; hopefully, from there everything else is easy.

General Tips


Learn "Google-fu." This is the term we use for a problem-solving using Google. It involves being able to pick out the right keywords to search for and decide which resources are good and bad. Once you have this mastered, you'll be mostly independent. Never be afraid to ask for help, though! Most people who know more than you are happy to share.

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site that tends to have really good information. Plus, if you're having a problem that's not solved on there, you can ask a question yourself.


W3Schools tends to be one of the first results in Google searches, but often has out-of-date or misleading information. We recommend using the Mozilla Developer Network instead.


Mac OS X