Coding on Windows: A tutorial

Us Windows people get a hard time. Let's make some of the hard stuff easier.

Good Practices: Installing Languages

Installing Git

Please. Please. Please. Do this entire tutorial. And don't skip any steps. It's really good. The Password caching section is a great tip too.

Installing Python

Unless you really know better, install Python 2.7.5 proper MSI installer from the Downloads section of Please note that Python 2.7.5 is not the latest version of Python (that version is not as well supported / used as Python 2.7.*).

CMD Tips:

  1. Open cmd.exe from the Start Menu.

  2. Press Alt + Space + D to open the default settings.

  3. Under the "Options" tab, check all three boxes in the "Edit Options" section.

  4. Restart CMD.

  5. Click and drag to select, Enter to copy, and right click to paste.


Beautify CMD

  1. In the same window, switch to the "Colors" tab.

  2. Edit "Screen Background" and "Screen Text".

  3. Restart CMD


CMD Tips: Adding to Your PATH

Through the GUI

  1. Navigate to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System

  2. Click "Advanced system settings" on the left panel

  3. Click "Environment Variables..."

  4. Select the "Path" row in the "User variables for %YourName%" box.

  5. Click "Edit..."

  6. Change the "Variable value" to look like this:

"C:\OtherPaths\";"C:\MorePaths\";"C:\Full Path\To\scripts"
  1. Click OK 3 times.


Using CMD

  1. To view your PATH type echo %PATH%

  2. To set your PATH type SET PATH=%PATH%;"C:\Full Path\To\scripts"

Good Practices: Keeep a Working Directory


Helpful Applications for Programmers